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Do you want to lose fat, build muscle mass or improve your fitness? I'm here to help you achieve your individual fitness goals and alleviate existing complaints. For me, quality is more important than quantity in order to achieve maximum training success.

Many years of experience

Thanks to my many years of experience as a personal trainer specializing in training, nutrition and holistic health, I can provide you with the best possible support along the way. I attach great importance to precise techniques and correct exercise execution during training.

What is personal training?

Personal training is a customized fitness solution that is individually tailored to your needs. As a personal trainer, I support you in achieving your fitness goals effectively. Through personal support and targeted training plans, you can reach your full potential. Maybe you live near our center or drive by - so you can visit the personal training near Olten, Trimbach, Däniken and Dulliken on a regular basis.

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Are you ready to start your fitness journey? Visit us at Perform Fitness Studio and discover how we can support you on your way to an active and healthy lifestyle!
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If you live or work in the Lostorf, Obergösgen, Dulliken, Stüsslingen, Erlinsbach or Niedergösgen region, our personal training is within easy reach and the Perform Fitness Center is the right place for you. In our modern fitness studio, we create a motivating environment in which you can develop your full potential. The proximity to these towns makes it easier to attend our training sessions regularly.

Your personal trainer

My approach is based on a comprehensive analysis of your needs and goals. At the beginning, we will have a conversation in which we discuss your fitness goals, health history and training preferences. Especially if you need me as a personal trainer in Lostorf, Obergösgen, Dulliken, Stüsslingen, Erlinsbach or Niedergösgen, we can meet promptly.

Based on the information provided, I will create a training plan tailored to you, taking into account your strengths and areas you want to work on. During our training sessions, I will guide you through the exercises, correct your execution and help you get the most out of every workout.
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What I pay attention to during training

As a fitness coach and personal trainer, I pay attention to key factors to ensure you get the best possible workout:

Experienced expert

What is a modern fitness coach?

The modern fitness center coach is an experienced expert who develops and guides individual training programs to effectively achieve fitness goals. Through a combination of expertise, motivation and guidance, the coach helps clients improve their physical performance, control weight and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Trained coaches

These coaches are trained to cater to the needs and abilities of each individual. They not only offer guidance on exercises and techniques, but also provide advice on nutrition, recovery and general well-being.

Your progress

The modern fitness coach uses advanced technology and tools to track progress and customize individual training plans. They are also often up to date with the latest trends and scientific findings in fitness and health.

Achieve fitness goals

Through their professional guidance and support, these coaches help their clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, achieve their fitness goals and stay motivated to lead an active and healthy life in the long term.
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As a professional personal trainer, I am a member of the Swiss Personal Trainer Federation (SPTF) and recognized by health insurance companies.