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Rahel Oppliger

Targeted training

I am passionate about health and exercise as well as changing the body through targeted training and healthy eating. I have been exercising a lot since I was a child and am constantly challenging myself. This is how I discovered my enthusiasm for fitness and strength training.

Many years of experience

Before I opened my own personal training studio in Lostorf, I worked in fitness centers as a group fitness instructor and as a group fitness area manager. During all these activities, I realized that I was fascinated by topics such as correct training execution, achieving muscle growth and fat loss and the right diet.

Sound training

My valuable experience in fitness centers led me to complete a professional personal training course in Germany. This was followed in Switzerland by an in-depth and well-founded training course to become a "Physique Coach" at semper fi body concept.

It gives me great pleasure to share my expertise and all my experiences with you. I will be happy to accompany you on your personal journey.



Perform Personal Training Studio is located near Olten, Trimbach and Däniken. My facility offers not only high-quality equipment and professional guidance, but also a supportive environment to help you achieve your fitness goals.

I am here for you

Do you want to get fit?

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As a professional personal trainer, I am a member of the Swiss Personal Trainer Federation (SPTF) and recognized by health insurance companies.