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Personal training

Do you want to lose fat, build muscle or simply take your fitness level to the next level? I'll help you achieve your own fitness goals so that you can finally train specifically or alleviate discomfort.

Far away from mass fitness

Personal training is individual and personal training in a pleasant environment. I have created this in my own studio in Lostorf. You train far away from mass fitness, in a private and stylish atmosphere.

Many years of experience

Thanks to my many years of experience as a personal trainer in the areas of training, nutrition and general health, I can provide you with optimal support on your journey. I work with high-quality equipment from Watson, Gym 80 and Atlantis.
What I value

The initial consultation

If you want to achieve maximum training success, quality is always more important than quantity. I attach great importance to the right technique and proper execution of training. We get to know each other during our initial personal consultation. I find out where you stand, learn about your lifestyle habits, any ailments and find out what your specific goals are. This enables me to recognize your training status and create training plans tailored to you. I change these plans after a certain training phase.

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Tailor-made personal training with professional guidance

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Nutritional advice is part of it

Nutritional advice can help you achieve your goals even more efficiently. Together, we will find out what you need and how you can change your eating habits in the long term in a way that makes sense for everyday life. I'll give you tips on how to become even healthier and fitter thanks to the right diet for you.

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Make an appointment with Rahel Oppliger. Together we can achieve your goal! 

As a professional personal trainer, I am a member of the Swiss Personal Trainer Federation (SPTF) and recognized by health insurance companies.