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I would be happy to help you find the right nutritional strategy. Together we will determine what works best for you. Integrating nutritional advice into your personal training enables a holistic approach to your health and fitness goals.

The skin fold measurement

As a nutritionist, I use various tools to understand your needs. One of these is skin fold measurement using the 14-fold caliper method. This method allows me to accurately determine your body composition and body fat percentage. This is an important basis for adjusting your diet and training plans.
Optimize results

Interaction of nutrition and sport

It is important for me to emphasize that sport and nutrition work together. I take this into account as follows:

Close to you

Remember that the combination of nutritional counseling and personal fitness coaching is a long-term journey. Are you from the surrounding area? Nutrition counseling is intended for Lostorf, Dulliken, Stüsslingen, Erlinsbach, Obergösgen, Niedergösgen and the entire region. We go step by step together. I will support you to achieve your goals and develop a healthy lifestyle that suits your individual lifestyle.

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The right diet

If you want to change your body composition or get more clarity on the whole issue of nutrition, I can help you. During the nutrition consultation, we will find out together what is right for you, how a healthy diet can be integrated into your everyday life and which supplements will help optimize your body's health.

Are you from the surrounding area? Nutritional advice for Lostorf, Dulliken, Stüsslingen, Erlinsbach, Obergösgen, Niedergösgen and the whole region.
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By coordinating nutrition and fitness, we can achieve synergistic effects and optimize your results.

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As a professional personal trainer, I am a member of the Swiss Personal Trainer Federation (SPTF) and recognized by health insurance companies.