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Swiss Personal Trainer Association

The Swiss Personal Trainer Association (SPTV) is a non-profit organization that is specifically committed to the quality and promotion of personal training in Switzerland. It was founded in 2007. The SPTV aims to provide quality assurance through a seal of approval in order to create transparency in the Swiss personal trainer market. We strive for targeted cooperation with health insurance companies, partner companies and fitness centers and the promotion and support of personal trainers in Switzerland. We also represent the common interests of personal trainers registered in the association to the outside world.

Mental Coach

"I'm a sports enthusiast who sometimes travels long distances to cheer on his idols live in person. I was particularly taken with Roger Federer, for example. These experiences made me realize that all great athletes have one thing in common: enormous mental strength. As a mental coach, I want to help people like you to develop further in this area."

Remo Spuler