With the whole body

Efficient TRX Circuit Training

Whole body training

TRX Circuit Training is part of my training philosophy. TRX uses your own body weight as resistance to provide a comprehensive full-body workout.

Small group sizes

Small group training offers participants the opportunity to work on their fitness goals under my personal guidance. Thanks to the small group size, I can give each participant individual instructions and support their progress.

Variety in TRX Circuit Training

Circuit training includes stations for strength, endurance, speed, coordination and stability. The stations are equipped with the TRX band and other functional training equipment.

Your advantages


Increasing fitness
Perfect for rehabilitation
Effective training

Training times





For beginners & advanced

Suitable for every level

TRX Circuit Training is suitable for people of all fitness levels, from beginners to experienced fitness enthusiasts. The variety of exercises makes it possible to address entire muscle chains and train the whole body. The adaptability of the training equipment allows you to adjust the intensity of the exercises to suit your individual needs. And regardless of whether you come to TRX from Olten, Trimbach or further afield - we all pull together.

Individual offers

Lessons & Prices

Effective TRX Circuit lessons at attractive prices.

Single lesson
Subscription 10 lessons
Subscription 20 lessons

Fun and mental support

TRX Circuit workouts are fun and at the same time encourage participants to always get the best out of themselves. At my gym, I create a supportive environment in which participants are not only encouraged physically, but also mentally.

TRX Circuit Training in Lostorf is an enrichment for every training program and a central component of my offer, which is geared towards versatility, effectiveness and individual success.

The TRX Circuit lessons can be conveniently booked via the SportsNow button:

All-round service

How to achieve your training goal

With TRX Circuit Training, which I personally instruct, a wide variety of training goals can be achieved. The versatility of this training approach makes it possible to cater to individual needs. The main focus can be on the following points:

Tailored to all needs

The goal is for you to achieve your personal fitness goals while taking full advantage of the versatility and effectiveness of TRX Circuit Training. The adaptability of this training allows me to develop specific programs tailored to the needs of each individual.

Your benefits with TRX Circuit Training

Full body workout

The workout allows you to train your entire body by performing various exercises for strength, stability and flexibility.

Flexibility & adaptability

The functional equipment makes it possible to adjust the difficulty of the exercises individually, regardless of your fitness level.


A wide variety of exercises train entire muscle chains and the whole body from head to toe.

TRX Circuit Training

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